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This is a Website about consulting, about projects, and about a personal journey -  all dedicated to the idea of philanthropy.

Polis – the Greek city state has now become a symbol of civic responsibility, of citizens prepared to take the common good into their own hands. While the historic realities of the Greek polis might have been not perfect, they can nonetheless serve as a guideline for the 21st century. For me, polis stands for citizens who are politically engaged, dedicated and committed beyond and above the level of mere party politics.

Philanthropy comes from the Greek. Literally translated, it means “love of one’s fellow man.” Today it stands for a whole range of charitable deeds that see private money being put to serve the common good.

Polis stands for citizens who take matters into their own hands, philanthropy for concrete investments in the common good. Polis is about democracy, philanthropy about entrepreneurial commitment to the common good.

I am committed to both polis and philanthropy and offer my services as a consultant in both fields – both on a national, and an international level.

I look forward to working with you.


Wolf Schmidt.